Here’s How BTS Celebrated Their First Christmas With ARMY

Travel back in time to BTS’s first Christmas.

Six months after their June 2013 debut, BTS celebrated their first Christmas with ARMY. Here’s what the members were up to that Christmas, and the days leading up to it. Like Santa, you might want to check this list twice!


1. Storytime with Suga Claus

Suga kicked off BTS’s Honey FM 06.13 Christmas party with a story about 7 hardworking trainees who were treated to a company dinner on Christmas Eve.


Watch more of the special here:


2. “Perfect Christmas”

On December 22, the Big Hit Family of 2013 released “Perfect Christmas”, an optimistic sequel to BTS’s 2012 Christmas song, “A Typical Trainee’s Christmas”. The video begins with smol Jungkook decorating a Christmas tree.


RM also appears in the video, looking too handsome for words. (Dear Santa, please bring back this turtleneck!)


Fun fact: This MV is one of the earliest examples of Jungkook’s love for film. Here he is, Mr. Golden Closet Film Director, playing with a Super 8 camera!


Check out the video:


3. These Christmas cards

During the week leading up to Christmas, the members posted several Christmas cards on Twitter that they’d drawn for ARMY.


4. Jin’s Christmas countdown

Jin dropped by Twitter to count down the minutes to midnight with ARMY. “Hello, it’s Jin,” he wrote. “There’s 30 minutes left until Christmas TT TT I believe you spent it happily hehe” 


5. RM’s music shoutouts

In December 2013, RM shared a couple of his favorite songs with fans. If you haven’t heard them yet, check them out!


6.  Twitter Christmas wishes

BTS wished ARMY a very merry Christmas with Twitter messages and selfies. They’ve grown up so much since then, but their hearts are still made of the purest gold!


7. Christmas cake

Jimin wished ARMY a merry Christmas when he posted this sweet (pun intended!) selfie with RM, J-HopeJin, and V. The hip hop swag was strong that year!


8. These group photos

December 25, 2013 was BTS’s first Christmas as BTS, and they shared their happiness with fans everywhere!


See more of BTS’s first Christmas photos here:

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