30+ Rarely Seen Photos From BTS’s First-Ever Fan Events

These pics will take you back in time to when BTS first met ARMY.

When BTS debuted six years ago, they had no idea that they would rise to superstardom, transcend language barriers, and change the music world forever. In June 2013, they were just rookie idols meeting the fans who would become ARMY, for the very first time. These 30+ photos from BTS’s earliest fan events are rarely seen these days, and they’ll make you want to travel back to the beginning.


1. One of BTS’s earliest group photos with ARMY


2. Another early BTS x ARMY photo, taken at night


3. BTS showing this fan some love through direct eye contact


4. BTS giving one of their first talks to fans


5. RM and Jimin holding BTS’s celebratory cake


6. Make a wish!


7. Jin holding a Disney princess fan he received as a gift


8. V and Suga, rocking their eyeliner


9. Jimin, dressed in his “No More Dream” outfit…


10. …and getting a hug from his hyung!


11. J-Hope, making a sunny day even brighter


12. V, doing aegyo for his adoring fans


13. “Baby Jungkook”, long before he became a “hyung”


14. Leader RM with his trademark perm and sunglasses


15. Jimin and J-Hope getting silly on stage


16. BTS walking with staff to their fan event


17. They have clips in their hair…


18. …to keep it perfectly styled for the event


19. BTS wearing gifts given to them at a June 2013 fan sign


20. J-Hope, playing with a megaphone


21. Proof that Jin has always enjoyed wearing goofy glasses


22. Jungkook, in between meeting his fans


23. J-Hope’s bright smile contradicted his tough, spiky-masked persona from “No More Dream” MV


24. In the early days, RM was rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses


25. Whoever this fan is, we’re jealous!


26. Future GUCCI Boy V modeling for the camera


27. Suga, capturing his own memories on camera


28. A staff member adjusts V’s outfit as he gives this fan his unwavering attention


29. Suga also listened intently to this lucky ARMY


30. RM and Jimin were all smiles at this fan meeting


31. In 2013, BTS wore jerseys to help fans learn their names. Now, in 2019, the whole world knows who they are.