8 Times BTS Did Everything To Their Food…Except Eat It

They used it in some hilarious and creative ways.

BTS‘s members are creative and extra, so when they combine those skills, there’s no telling what they might do…to their food. Here are 8 times BTS used their food for things other than its intended purpose.


1. When V used an onion ring as the world’s biggest nose ring


2. When Jungkook used these gooey potatoes in his “magic show”


3. When Suga proved that the only ingredients you need for a good prank are a boiled egg and a dash of BS


4. When rice puffs became tools of terror


5. When they faced off with fruit in this “try not to flinch” challenge


6. When J-Hope used vegetables to show his heart…and annoy Jungkook


7. Every time they used birthday cake icing as face paint


8. When this pie became a punishment