8 Times BTS’s Friendship With Halsey Brightened Everybody’s Day

These are some of their best interactions so far.

BTS‘s friendship with American singer Halsey is as real as it gets. These superstars met in 2017, collaborated in 2019, and have been winning fans’ hearts ever since. Check out 8 of their best interactions yet!


1. These friendship bracelets

Nothing says “best friends for life” like pink diamond friendship bracelets! BTS wore these bracelets, given to them by Halsey, at the 2019 BBMAs. 


2. When BTS gave Halsey a matching mic

Months after Halsey joked about feeling left of BTS’s glittery mic club, BTS gave Halsey her own fancy microphone for the 2019 Jingle Ball. 

So the first time we ever performed “Boy With Luv” together, I was making a joke that they have sparkly microphones and I felt left out.

— Halsey

It was the perfect Christmas gift!

They gifted me my own sparkly mic. And it was really thoughtful and really amazing that I got to use it!

— Halsey


3. When Halsey called out BTS’s clowns on Ellen

When Halsey guested on Ellen, she jokingly said that “half” of BTS were nice to her about learning the “Boy With Luv” choreography. The other half loved to tease her!

It was super fun and half of them were really nice to me about it.

— Halsey


“Yeah. The other ones were like…” She busted a “Boy With Luv” move, mimicking the members’ mocking. “And I was yeah, I know that’s what I look like, thank you. Sorry we can’t all be perfect.”


4. When Jungkook started a BTS x Halsey dance party

On iHeartRadio Live, Jungkook took RM aside to share his idea: a BTS x Halsey dance party.


After briefing the rest of the members, BTS broke out their official choreography. Jungkook’s face lit up as soon as the dancing started and, thanks to him, everyone had a blast!


5. When “Santa Halsey” gave BTS stockings

When Halsey gave BTS stockings packed with presents for Christmas 2019, the members lit up with happiness.

The biggest socks I’ve ever seen in my life!

— RM

Halsey’s surprise even got a reaction out of Suga! Check out that smile.

Suga: So happy-
Halsey: Yeah?
RM: That’s the happiest face I’ve ever seen.


6.  When Halsey showed up as a surprise guest

BTS couldn’t have been more thrilled to find out that iHeartRadio Live’s “special guest” was their friend Halsey!

7. The neverending teasing about Halsey x Jimin’s eye contact

When Halsey was learning the “Boy With Luv” dance, all her concentration was on nailing the moves. As such, she didn’t make eye contact with Jimin when she was supposed to in the music video.


Ever since then, Jimin has teased Halsey about it like crazy!


When Halsey finally did make eye contact with Jimin, he couldn’t handle it!

8. When they surprised ARMY in Paris

On June 7, 2019, BTS performed at Stade De France. Fans knew “Boy With Luv” was on the setlist, but they didn’t expect to see Halsey join BTS on stage.


Halsey and BTS had a blast performing together, and fans loved it too!

The highlight, perhaps, was when Halsey hugged each one of the members before bouncing off stage.