10+ Funniest Tweets About The 200 ARMYs Who Won A Zoom Call With BTS

#5 is too relatable 😂

It was recently announced that 200 lucky ARMYs will be having the chance of a lifetime to join a Zoom call with BTS on August 9.

Well, today’s the day, and many ARMYs have accepted that they were—unfortunately—not selected.

In no particular order, check out the funniest reactions on Twitter below!

1. When your life loses all color because of this

Meanwhile, the 200 ARMYs are having the time of their lives.

2. When you have an unexpected reaction

Why do we feel the same way?

3. When you pretend August 9 never existed

Um, that’s because it really doesn’t.

4. When you repeat the same 3 songs

So what if we’re not part of the 200? We’re fine. Life goes on after all.

5. When you’re not happy on the inside

Let’s just pretend we’re okay.

6. When you tell yourself that it just wasn’t meant to be

The 200 ARMYs can’t relate.

7. When you look at the 200 ARMYs enviously

If this isn’t accurate, what is?

8. When nothing can console you

We’ll get over it…eventually.

9. When you think of how the 200 ARMYs slept last night

That could’ve been us, but we weren’t picked.

10. When you’re already wearing your pajamas but still can’t attend

If one of the 200 backs out, we’re ready anytime.

11. When you reveal your honest-to-goodness reaction

We’re happy for them. Really.