17 BTS GIFs That Will Lower Your Stress Levels And Brighten Up Your Day

You’ll want to save this for when you’re in need of a laugh!

One of the benefits of being a fan is that when you’re having a rough day, one look at your favorite photo of your bias can immediately turn that frown upside down.

But sometimes, smiles aren’t enough, and you’re in need of a good laugh. After all, scientists say that laughing decreases stress hormones and triggers the release of endorphins!

So relax and let BTS make you laugh with these 17 GIFs!

1. BTS wanting to be seen.

2. J-Hope being easily scared.

3. J-Hope being even more scared.

4. J-Hope not being able to hide his feelings towards this snake… Poor J-Hope!

5. On the other hand, Suga is a lot better with his poker face.

6. But when Jin tries to feed you seashells, it’s a bit harder to remain so indifferent.

7. Jin giving up on trying to cut his food. Who needs elegance when you can just eat the whole thing?

8. Confused Jin getting his mic and ARMY Bomb confused.

9. Jin and Jimin messing around.

10. Jin getting ignored and trying to play it cool.

11. RM accidentally breaking his sunglasses and not being able to play it cool.

12. Jungkook making a perfect landing.

13. Dance time! Jungkook has perfected the art of dabbing.

14. V has his own set of moves.

15. J-Hope has perfected the art of swaying to the music.

16. And so has Jimin!

17. But if this was a dance battle, J-Hope would have won. Because he has also mastered the art of b-boying. Look at those fancy moves!


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