BTS Are Harbingers Of Hope In 15+ New “LOVE MYSELF” Photos

They are helping Unicef’s cause with “give-ticons.”

BTS has created new “give-ticons” in partnership with KakaoLINE. Through these emoticon inspired donation stickers, BTS hopes to deliver an important message through their #ENDviolence LOVE MYSELF campaign with Unicef;  “Loving yourself is the beginning of true love.” 

Here are 15+ new behind-the-scenes photos from the give-ticon photoshoot!

1. BTS

Love comes in many forms. In this case, it’s seven philanthropic stars who are calling for an end to youth violence.

BTS | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

2. RM

He’s cute, he’s wise, he’s BTS’s leader wrapped up in a cozy sweater.

RM | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

3. Jin

Worldwide Handsome Jin also happens to be worldwide charitable. They say Prince Charming doesn’t exist, and yet…

Jin | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

4. Suga

This talented producer-rapper is here with finger guns and hugs to brighten ARMY’s day.

Suga | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

5. J-Hope

Who better to spread love and hope than the one and only J-Hope? He makes aegyo look effortless.

J-Hope | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

6. Jimin

Not all angels have wings. Some have soft sweaters and even softer hearts!

Jimin | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

7. V

V, denim, and a good cause? You can’t go wrong with this combination!

V | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/

8. Jungkook

If you’ve been missing Jungkook’s blue hair, these photos are definitely for you!

Jungkook | HYBE & Unicef/
| HYBE & Unicef/
Source: Love Myself