10 Times Google Translate Did BTS Dirty On Twitter

Google translator seems to have a mind of its own…and that mind is savage.

International BTS fans often rely on automatic translation services to understand what BTS is tweeting about. Sometimes, Google translator is pretty accurate. Other times, it really, really isn’t. Here are 10 epic Google translations that did BTS dirty.


1. Welcome. First time with Bangladeshi Boys?


2. Big Hit Scarecrow Threesome


3. Jungkook’s true feelings when he became “Jungkookie-hyung”.


4. Google’s weather report


5. That time Google had absolutely no idea what this event was or who was attending it


6. Taehyung = Tail


7. This not totally inaccurate, but weirdly suggestive translation


8. V’s questionable snack choices


9. Who is Jake?


10. Suga’s gangsta birthday message to V