15 Unforgettable BTS Moments From The 2019 Grammy Awards

BTS made some unforgettable new memories that fans will always cherish.

On February 10, BTS attended the 2019 Grammy Awards and made many wonderful memories. Here are just 15 of many that ARMYs will always cherish.


1. When BTS became both first time presenters and the first Korean act to present a Grammy by presenting the award for “Best R&B” album to H.E.R.


2. When they showed how glamorous they can be in this slow-motion glam cam


3. When BTS reunited with this Access Hollywood interviewer, who interviewed BTS in 2018 and has become a fan favorite


4. When Jungkook teared up during Dolly Parton’s performance…


5. …and sang along too!


6. When Suga still couldn’t believe BTS had made it to the Grammys


7. When RM mentioned BTS’s upcoming comeback, but smoothly avoided giving any spoilers


8. When J-Hope wished himself happy birthday


9. When V attacked stans with his duality


10. When Jungkook’s English skills blew everyone away


11. When nobody could resist jamming out to “Jolene”


12. When even this camera got sucked in by RM’s handsomeness


13. When they said that they want to collaborate with…themselves


14. When they held a special, hotel livestream for their fans instead of attending after parties. ARMYs’ mass “attendance” ended up crashing the site’s server at first, but…


15. …it all worked out in the end!