10+ Times BTS Distracted Us With Their Visuals At The 2021 GRAMMY Awards

What GRAMMYs? There is only BTS.

BTS put on an outstanding performance for the 2021 GRAMMY Awards, and fans loved every moment of it. From their fashionable outfits to their top model looks, here are 10+ times BTS’s visuals distracted us at the GRAMMYs this year (even when BTS wasn’t on stage)!

1. Jungkook’s entrance

The Entrance Fairy worked his magic again! Dressed in white, Jungkook kicked off BTS’s rooftop performance of “Dynamite”.

If that entrance gave you flashbacks of this entrance from “Airplane Pt. 2” at 2018 MAMA, well, you’re not alone!

2. Rolling up to the GRAMMYs in style

A new black and white commercial for Samsung Galaxy played during the GRAMMY Awards. Wait, there’s a phone in this video? Jimin and looked so handsome that it’s easy to forget all about what Samsung is advertising!

3. Lighting up the red carpet

BTS dressed to the nines to celebrate the big day. The members turned the red carpet into a runway with these coordinated outfits.

| Big Hit Entertainment

4. RM’s eyebrow raise

A tiny, playful movement is all it takes for this rap master to flutter hearts everywhere!

5. Visuals for days

Worldwide Handsome Jin and SOPE all in one frame? All right, Samsung, we’ll buy the phone.

6. Lead the way!

We would follow Jin to the rooftop of a skyscraper and, honestly, anywhere else.

7. Suga’s snazzy solo

For years, Suga wished to dance on the GRAMMY stage and, like ARMY says, what Suga wants, Suga gets!

8. Rockstar coming through!

Jungkook showed off his rockstar swagger for Samsung, and we’re here for it.

9. V’s wink

Excuse me, sir. That’s illegal.

10. Hope right here!

As always, Dance King J-Hope arrived to set the night alight with his incredible skills, charisma, and dashing looks.

11. The Jimin Effect

Those vocals. Those visuals. That smile. Is he trying to end us? It’s working.

12. Classy AF

Everybody say, “thank you, stylists!” for these suits!