BTS’s “Gwangsan Kims” Jin And V: Casual Movie Night Edition

We need more from this duo!

ARMYs are well aware of BTS’s “Gwangsan Kims” duo, Jin and V, and we love to see these two in action! Although there are three members of BTS with the last name Kim, V and Jin are from the Gwangsan line while RM is a part of the Gangneung line.

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Let’s take a look at the “Gwangsan Kims” casual movie night edition!

Here’s the big brother of the duo, Jin.

And here’s the younger Gwangsan Kim, V.

While we’ve seen them dressed to the nines and strutting their visuals, today we will be focusing on a more casual, laid back look at these two.

Even though they are sitting right next to each other…

…they can’t help but stick close to each other like glue.

Leaning on each other while watching movies is the best position to be in!

Even while focused on the video, they still keep eye-contact with one another.

When V sees Jin moving off in another direction, he automatically puts his hand on Jin’s shoulder.

They need to be in close contact with each other to feel safe and happy!

And of course, the visuals are a total bonus with these two!

All hail the Gwangsan Kims!

Source: theqoo