10+ Of The Best BTS Halloween Costume Ideas For Halloween 2021

The inspiration you’ve been searching for.

ARMY, if you’re looking for last-minute inspiration, you’ve found it! These 10+ BTS costume ideas are perfect for Halloween 2021!

1. “Butter”

If you prefer silly costumes to scary ones, this literal version of BTS’s song “Butter” might be for you.

| Halloween Costumes/halloweencostumes.ca

There’s also a dog version. Just throwing that out there…

| Christopher Broe/apartmenttherapy.com

2. Taechwita

V‘s “Daechwita” outfit, aka “Taechwita,” became one of the best BTS memes of 2021.

One creative ARMY has already brought it to life!

| @mooniepuffs/Instagram

3. BT21, but make it human.

Looking for a group cosplay? Why not dress up as BT21?

| BT21/Facebook

This group of fans put an original spin on the characters by turning them human.

| @adrikunnn/Instagram

Bonus: masks totally work with this idea!

| @nevermiindo/Instagram

4. Min Yoonji

Suga dressed up as his iconic alter ego, Min Yoonji, for Run BTS! 

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Now, you can too.

5. Bangtan Boos

Throw on a sheet and spooky spectacles, and you’re ready to go trick-or-treating!

BTS | @bts_twt/Twitter

6. Pumpkin Jin

This leJindary ARMY brought Jin‘s iconic Halloween costume to life.

| amandapearl2/Reddit 

7. “My Universe”

There are plenty of ways to reinterpret BTS’s collaboration with Coldplay, “My Universe.” Ambitious cosplayers might consider going out as J-Hope‘s dance partner…

| Coldplay/Youtube 

…or the universe itself?

| jessicavas/Pinterest

8. Emo Cowboy Jungkook

If somebody hasn’t cosplayed BTS’s iconic cowboy looks from “Permission to Dance” MV, they really should.


9. For the people who DGAF about dressing up

If you’re not a fan of costumes, you could try stealth-cosplaying as BTS’s album covers. Introducing BE

| Unsplash

…and MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona.

| Unsplash

10. V’s clown makeup

This look can be done in 10 minutes or less, guaranteed!

V | Big Hit Music/Facebook

11. Penalty outfits

BTS has worn plenty of “penalty” clothes, including these sunflower headpieces.

12. Become an ARMY bomb

How you do that is entirely up to you!

| Jennyfer Fox/Youtube