Do BTS’s “Harry Potter Concept Photos” Match Their Hogwarts Houses?

Find out if BTS’s uniforms reflect their true Hogwarts Houses, according to RM.

The official theme for BTS‘s latest MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 concept photos is “true selves”, but these photos are reminding many fans of Harry Potter. ARMYs sorted BTS into houses based on the colors of their clothing, but do BTS’s uniforms match the houses RM chose for them? Let’s find out!

1. RM – Slytherin?

RM’s green and black uniform lands him in Slytherin, visually. At a 2017 fan sign, an ARMY gave RM a post-it note with each Harry Potter house written on it, then asked him to sort the members into houses. RM sorted himself into Gryffindor. Gryffindors are known for their courage, daring, nerve, and chivalry. They’re also natural leaders.

2. Jin – Gryffindor?

A scarlet and gold uniform means Jin is in Gryffindor, right? According to both fans and RM’s post-it, the answer is yes! Many Gryffindors have bold personalities and a flair for the dramatic, like Jin does.

3. Suga – Ravenclaw?

Since Ravenclaw’s colors are blue and bronze, fans sorted Suga into this house. RM, on the other hand, sorted Suga into Slytherin. Slytherin house students are ambitious, clever, cunning, and driven by the desire to succeed. They are methodical and weigh all possible outcomes before deciding to act.

4. J-Hope – Ravenclaw?

Like Suga, J-Hope is dressed in Ravenclaw’s blue and bronze. According to RM’s post-it though, J-Hope is a Hufflepuff! Hufflepuffs are hard-working and honest, and they value dedication, patience, and loyalty.

5. Jimin – Slytherin?

Slytherin Jimin? His green sweater says ‘yes’, and so does RM. Like his fellow Slytherin Suga, Jimin is ambitious and determined to succeed.

6. V – Gryffindor?

Based on his outfit, fans sorted into Gryffindor, and it’s easy to imagine him thriving in that house. RM, however, felt that V suited Hufflepuff, which means he would be sharing the Hufflepuff Common Room with J-Hope. Hufflepuffs are amazing at making and keeping friends, and so is V!

7. Jungkook – Hufflepuff?

Jungkook is wearing Hufflepuff’s yellow and black, but the Sorting Hat would probably have a very hard time choosing a house for this multi-talented maknae. Jungkook once described his personality as an amalgamation of all his members, so it’s no surprise that he has traits suitable for all four houses.

Sorting Hat RM ended up putting Jungkook in Ravenclaw, a house that prizes learning, wisdom, wit, and intellect. Its students are some of Hogwarts’ most talented.