10+ Things You Might Have Missed In BTS’s “Heartbeat” MV

These details from BTS’s new music video are easy to miss.

BTS‘s new BTS WORLD music video is here, and it’s full of gorgeous details. So many, in fact, that you may not have noticed them the first time around. Here are 10+ things that you may have missed in “Heartbeat” MV!


1. ARMYs are the rings around BTS’s world


2. Jungkook is listening to a CD with Suga’s name on it


3. BTS are practicing “No More Dream”, the debut song that introduced them to the world.


4. This lone space whale could be referencing BTS’s song “Whalien 52”.


5. In this shot, ARMYs and their shining ARMY bombs turn into a galaxy of light. This could be a referencing the line “I do believe your galaxy” in the song “Magic Shop”.


6. There are several posters in BTS’s fictionalized pre-debut practice room, including one of the Beatles.


7. There are 7 lunar phases (to match 7 members?) that show time passing in the blink of an eye.


8. Many of these chess pieces in RM’s scene are mirrored end to end in a way that’s similar to the MV’s scenic shots.


9. This “moon” is an ARMY bomb.


10. So is this planet.


11. In the MV, RM and Suga are the first members to meet each other. In real life, they were the first members to join BTS.