20 BTS Fans Who Refuse To Let The HYYH Era Die

HYYH forever!

In 2015, BTS began an era that will never end, if ARMY has any say in it! It’s been six years since the EP that started it all, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1, was released, but fans still aren’t over the HYYH era.

BTS during the HYYH era | HYBE

This era introduced a heartbreaking, time-traveling storyline about 7 friends with tragic, intertwined fates. Since then HYBE has given HYYH enthusiasts several music videos, a webtoon (Save Me), two companion novels (The Notes)a tie-in mobile game (BTS Universe Story), and an upcoming K-Drama (Youth), but not the thing we need most — closure!

Suga and Jungkook in “RUN” MV | HYBE Labels/Youtube

Until then, the HYYH will live on!

1. First of all…

2. HYYH changed our brains

3. This meme says it all

4. *Tears up*

5. In today’s episode of “BTS Not Following Their Own Advice”…

6. Sorry, Joon!

7. Peace was never an option.

8. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

9. There’s no escaping it!

10. New story? No.

11. In the words of “I NEED U,” “It goes round and round…” 

12. Lost in the HYYH maze

13. Face it. Time stopped in 2015.

14. There’s no winning this argument…

15. How this for a theory?

16. Is a comeback coming? Check your timeline.

17. Looping point

18. Red flags. Red flags everywhere!

19. Same…

20. Three types of people