Which BTS Instagram Gets The Most Engagement? The Stats Might Surprise You

Highest followers = highest engagement?

It’s been exactly one month since BTS opened personal Instagram accounts. In that time, the members have spoiled fans with content, established their accounts’ aesthetics, and racked up millions of followers. Surprisingly, however, more followers doesn’t always mean higher engagement.


Stats site Socialtracker has tracked engagement (how many followers actively interact with the content by “liking” and commenting) for BTS’s accounts over the last 14 days. This data shows which accounts ARMYs are flocking to the most right now. Check it out!

7. RM

Despite having the highest number of posts, RM currently has the lowest engagement out of all his members.

That said, ARMYs have been loving all the content from his Namjooning adventures! His engagement is up 10.53% from last week.

6. J-Hope

J-Hope’s recent engagement is slightly higher than RM’s at 32.90%.

In the last 7 days, his engagement has increased by 23.08%! So far, J-Hope has posted artistic selfies, and he’s embracing the vintage Polaroid aesthetic.

5. V

V currently boasts the highest follower count with 30.7M followers. His engagement is at 40%, right on the dot.

In the last week, V’s engagement percentage hasn’t increased or decreased.

4. Jungkook

In the beginning, the Golden Maknae struggled to figure out the Instagram “vibe,” but now he’s a trendsetter. He has 43.33% engagement and the second-highest follower count, 29M.

Out of all his members, Jungkook had the highest jump in engagement. He’s up by 80%! Jungkook posts a variety of content, including posts about his dog and his boxing practice.

3. Suga

Suga has posted 12 times on Instagram, but he boasts the third-highest engagement percentage: 45.66%.

Suga’s percentage increased from last week by 9.09%. Like Suga, his account’s content is chic and low-key.

2. Jin

Mr. Super Tuna, the one and only Worldwide Handsome, currently has 47.23% engagement on his account.

His engagement percentage increased by 22.22%, a very satisfying number. On Jin’s account, you’ll find selfies, tasty food, and fun moments with friends.

1. Jimin

With an engagement percentage of 47.78%, it’s safe to say that Jimin’s followers are very interested in his content!

Jimin’s engagement hasn’t changed since last week. He has posted scenic selfies, and more.

Source: Socialtracker