10+ Times BTS’s J-Hope Proved He’s The King Of Airport Fashion

He’s a true fashion icon!

BTS‘s J-Hope is a fashion king!

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Many of J-Hope’s airport outfits have become legendary, thanks to his great fashion sense.

Here are some of his best airport looks so far!

1. He never shies away from bold colors

This bold Louis Vuitton look was incredible!

2. He’s just as iconic in muted colors, too

Basically, he looks great in everything he wears!

3. He drove ARMY wild with this one

Fans lost it when Hobi showed a little skin at the airport!

4. Our sunshine

J-Hope really pulled off this artsy look, and we love that he added his own Hobicore flair to it!

5. Obsessed with this coat

This look is the perfect blend of streetwear and sophistication!

6. Fashion king

He looks so good in his leather jacket and jeans!

7. All black everything

He may be best known for his brightly colored outfits, but J-Hope really has a knack for putting together monochrome looks!

8. Street style icon

If you’re looking to upgrade your own style, J-Hope is a great person to get inspiration from!

9. Casual cutie

He’s equally handsome whether he’s dressing up or down!

10. Definition of fabulous

His jacket is to die for!

11. Born to be a fashion icon

This snazzy look is just too good!