10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS J-Hope’s “Arson” Concept Photos That Are Too Real

Maybe we have a thing for bad boys…

BTS‘s J-Hope released additional Jack in the Box concept photos ahead of the album’s release on July 15. This time, it’s specifically for his upcoming song “Arson.”

The new look has ARMYs shook yet again. So, here are 10+ relatable reactions…

1. We can fix him.

2. If you thought we were done with HYYH, you thought wrong.

3. J-Hope really thought of everything.

4. He’s in his emo era, that’s all.

5. Suga, what are you doing here?!

6. 7 or nothing 🥺

7. Holy Trinity

8. Agust D and J-Hope collab when?


10. We can dream.