BTS J-Hope’s Daily Use Of ‘Satoori’ Has Rubbed Off Onto RM

His accent adds more character!

Although many of the BTS members use satoori (regional dialect), J-Hope uses his Gwangju satoori the most in daily life as seen in many different videos.

He can be seen popping out his satoori in the most random moments!

His little nuances in his words are more pronounced when he uses satoori.

We can also seem him using satoori in daily life, from cooking to hiking, we hear hints of his cute dialect.

Even when he doesn’t understand something, he uses his satoori to express it.

This clip below is a perfect example of some of the most common Jeolla accents.

In this clip you can hear him say the same sentence twice, the first in satoori and the second in Korean standard language.

His satoori even comes out unconsciously when he is focused on a certain task.

J-Hope’s daily use of satoori seems to have rubbed off on member RM, who was born in Ilsan where they don’t use a certain satoori.

“I think I am the most influenced by J-Hope. He doesn’t use satoori that much but his little nuances and accents are really strong and so I end up copying a lot of it.”

Satoori or not, this doesn’t change the fact that J-Hope is our hope and sunshine!

Source: theqoo


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