10+ Times BTS’s J-Hope Was The Supportive Friend We All Need In Life

Everybody needs a friend like J-Hope to cheer them on.

BTS‘s J-Hope is the kind of friend who makes you believe you can achieve great things. He encourages his loved ones in ways big and small, cheering them on every step of the way. Here are 10+ of the many times J-Hope was the World’s Best Supportive Friend.

1. When he commemorated Jimin’s “Promise” with a one of a kind gift

J-Hope made Jimin an album package for his solo song “Promise” that included photos of their friendship.

2. When told MC Jin “you’ve got this” without saying a word

Just as Jin was about to start MCing, J-Hope went up and gave him this wordless encouragement.

3. When he hyped up V’s English skills

4. That time RM’s part in “MIC Drop” MV activated J-Hope’s fanboy mode

5. When he encouraged Jimin to teach a dance cardio class on The Late Late Show With James Corden 

6. When he gave energy to RM, the “most important person”

7. That time he helped calm Jin’s nerves by offering to film a fancam

There’s no reason to be nervous if your loyal fansite is on set!

8. When he told V to take it easy

9. When he cheered on every word of Jungkook’s English

10. When he complimented Jimin’s “Butterfly” dance…

11. …and patted his head to say “good job”

12. When Producer Suga won the “Hot Trend” award, J-Hope (and the rest of BTS!) couldn’t have been more thrilled

J-Hope jumped up and gave Suga this bouncy back-hug.

He was so proud!