Here Are 10 Times That BTS’s J-Hope Proved He’s Total Boyfriend Material

There’s a reason he’s every ARMY’s sunshine!

To continue an ongoing series we’ve started proving that each member of BTS is total boyfriend material, next up is the loveable and incredibly talented J-Hope! It’s impossible not to be happy when you watch this sunshine of an idol perform, whether it’s on-stage or just him being his adorable self! Here are 10 reasons why he definitely fits the definition of boyfriend material.

1. He would spoil you with his dance performances!

2. You could experience so many cultural and artistic explorations with him.

3. Everything would be an adventure with him around!

4. He’s too adorable for words, especially in the presence of equally adorable pets.

5. He would never fail to make you laugh!

6. Low-res but high-quality photos of him like these make it so easy to imagine being on a date with him.

7. Do we need to explain these images? 👀

8. All of the bare-faced video calls you would get from him would be a true blessing.

9. A relationship with him would be full of cuddles.

10. You know he has an over-abundance of love to give!