10 Relatable Reactions To BTS J-Hope And V’s Airport Fashion

These fashion kings do their own thing!

Today, BTS‘s J-Hope and turned Incheon Airport into their personal runway when they return to South Korea. Their airport outfits are attracting lots of attention from fans, and it’s no wonder why! J-Hope dressed to impress in a snuggly, brown housecoat…


…while V combined summertime shorts with winter wear.


Check out ARMY’s reactions here!

1. 2019 vs 2021

2. He’s. So. Fluffy!

3. I see no difference…

4. This rock-solid explanation

5. He’s doing it right!

6. What is it? Just tell us.

7. Housecoats and bathrobes are officially high fashion now.

8. The only teddy bear on our Christmas list

9. This is what “important business” requires, apparently.

10. Introducing the fifth season: Kim “F**k The Cold” Taehyung