BTS’s J-Hope Says He Won’t Be Completely Happy, Unless He Has These 10 Important Things In His Life

How often do you think he does #7, since Jungkook obviously loves his scent?

With his bright personality and positive vibes that always help set the mood every time BTS is interviewed on the screen, it’s easy to see that J-Hope is generally a happy person.

And the adorable thing about J-Hope is that even though he’s a millionaire, like the rest of BTS, he doesn’t actually need a lot of expensive things to make him happy.

For J-Hope, all he needs are these ten small “luxuries” to make him go from this:

To this:

1. Going to the bathroom after waking up

Although this one is small, J-Hope believes it’s a definite happiness when he does this — he even believes that a lot of people can relate with him on this one.

2. Getting a good online deal for household items

It turns out that J-Hope also loves to get a good deal online, especially when he’s buying household and lifestyle items.

3. Coming up with a cool beat

Rather than this achievement being “small”, J-Hope believes it’s a “big-small” item in his life that always manages to make him happy.

4. Eating new and delicious food

Do you know the feeling of trying out a new dish and it turns out to be something delicious?

Yes, this is exactly what J-Hope is talking about when he said that good food makes him happy.

5. Shopping for clothes, especially when he’s chosen something cheap and pretty

Known as one of humanity’s “reasons for living”, shopping for clothes makes J-Hope extremely delighted — especially when he’s lucky enough to get something pretty for an affordable price.

6. Perfectly completing his self-planned schedule for the day

A certified “Plan Man”, J-Hope likes setting up his to-do list and working on achieving it all throughout the day. So whenever he achieves this, he feels satisfied and thrilled.

7. Drying his hair after a shower

For J-Hope, it’s such a bother to dry his hair after showering.

Also, since he has bleached his hair, it doesn’t really dry that easily, so whenever he’s done drying his hair and he’s relaxing on his bed, J-Hope feels satisfied.

8. When his face isn’t bloated in the morning

This is especially true whenever BTS has filming: if J-Hope feels that his face is bloated in the morning, he doesn’t feel that great all throughout the day.

9. Drinking americano after a nice, filling meal

He wasn’t a coffee drinker before, but once he got the taste of it, J-Hope started to love drinking coffee, especially after a hearty meal.

10. When it’s winter, and snow on Christmas day

He’s a winter baby, so it’s only natural for him to like snow — especially if it happens during Christmas.