Here’s 6 Fashion Pieces BTS’s J-Hope Rocked In “Outro: Ego” Comeback Trailer

What style do you like the best?

BTS‘s J-Hope has caught the attention of many fans through his appearance on “Outro: Ego” Comeback Trailer ahead of the group’s new album. His usual bright and happy personality shined right through the video with his smile and fun graphics. J-Hope is always known to have fun with his sense of style so it’s no surprise with his outfits in this one! Let’s take a look at some of the fits he was wearing.


1. Raf Simons Sweater

He also wore a smiley Raf Simons sweater during James Corden‘s The Late Late Show as well, revealing what a big fan he is of this brand.

2. Raf Simons Destroyed Denim

This vintage vibe fits J-Hope’s style well paired with the sweater mentioned above.

3. Human Made T-Shirt

He looked stunning even in just a plain t-shirt and jeans!

4. 99%IS Shirt

Shockingly enough, the hospital gown he wore in the video was actually from a brand called 99%is. We’re always finding out about interesting brands through BTS!

5. Hurjaboy Accessories

J-Hope was seen wearing a bunch of accessories from this brand including this skull necklace to rings and a bracelet too.

Here’s the famous ‘Hope’ bracelet!

6. Chinatown Market Smiley Flames Shirt

This shirt totally sums up J-Hope with all the smiley faces!

Take a look at the comeback trailer below to see all his amazing outfits!