BTS J-Hope’s Puppy Mickey Is Selective When It Comes To Taking Pictures

Mickey is a cutie regardless!

An online community board posted a funny thread about BTS J-Hope’s puppy, Mickey, acting differently among J-Hope and his family members. Photos show Mickey’s different facial expressions depending on which person he is with, revealing some super cute puppy dog faces. Mickey is a male Shih Tzu that lives with J-Hope’s family, which is why there aren’t many interactions with J-Hope compared to his family members. Here are some photos of Mickey!

Here are photos that show Mickey’s different facial expressions depending on who he takes a photo with!

J-Hope with Mickey

Mickey smiling with J-Hope’s sister

Mickey on a walk with J-Hope

Mickey on a walk with J-Hope’s sister and father

Mickey with mommy

Photo taken by J-Hope’s sister

Photo taken by J-Hope

In this clip J-Hope is shocked that Mickey growled at him while he was trying to play.

But all jokes aside, we know what a great papa J-Hope is to Mickey.

…and we’re pretty sure Mickey is of the luckiest dogs ever!