10 Times BTS Was 200% Done With J-Hope’s Extraness

J-Hope is BTS’s bright and bubbly happy virus, but sometimes his silliness is just too much for his members! 

1. When he pestered Jungkook on set

Jungkook just wanted to chill during a filming session, but J-Hope had other plans. After J-Hope got bored with flicking Jungkook from afar…

…he got right up in his face!

Jungkook stared down his weird hyung but eventually cracked a smile. No one can resist J-hope’s extra charms, not even the maknae!


2. Every time he did one of these dances


3. When he took his acting too far

J-Hope got way too into his emotionally sensitive skit character on Run BTS! and ended up soaking himself with his fake tears.

When Suga (aka “Min Yoonji“) finally had enough of J-Hope’s sobfest, he splashed him!


4. When he got overly excited for BTS’s victory

On an episode of Run BTS! BTS has to complete a nearly impossible challenge that involved everything from tossing empty milk cartons into a bin to opening a bag of popcorn with their feet.

When BTS finally beat the challenge, J-Hope took all his excitement out on Jimin!


5. When he brought his extraness to America

J-Hope never leaves home without packing a suitcase of “WTF is he doing?”. While in the US, this ray of light let his true self shine brightly…

very brightly!


6. When he failed at giving clues during a word game

On Run BTS! J-Hope’s members had a hard time guessing the answer written on the whiteboard. J-Hope was supposed to be giving them helpful clues but he just screamed gestured wildly the whole time! Jimin nearly passed out from laughter.


7. When he messed with Jin during a fansign

Jin thought he was in on the joke, not knowing that J-Hope was making “he’s a lunatic” gestures whenever Jin’s back was turned!


8. When he performed this song about himself

On Rookie King, BTS was tasked with rewriting the lyrics of the children’s song “Mountain Spring” to brag about themselves. J-Hope’s song and dance were so cringey that his members couldn’t bear to watch.


9. When he insisted on being Director Jimin’s star

J-Hope refused to let Jungkook play the lead role in Director Jimin’s self-cam for BangtanTV. Despite Jimin’s protests, J-Hope just kept popping into view while making whiney kitten noises.


10. When he upstaged Jin’s signature kiss