BTS’s Jimin Believes That He Can Be Incredibly Happy If He Has These 10 Things In His Life

Jimin says his close friend V is really good at doing #6.

As fans, the number one thing that you want your idols to be is to be happy, right?

This is why as an ARMY, knowing the small things that surely make BTS happy is a must, don’t you think?

In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the top ten things that make BTS’s Jimin happy — these are the precious things in his life that always manage to keep him smiling.

1. Looking at the polaroids he’s collected

Jimin started collecting polaroids back in 2017. He thinks it’s fun collecting them, especially since he’s taking pictures of the group, especially the maknae line.

2. Chatting with Hoseok after work

Since Jimin and J-Hope are roommates, Jimin enjoys chatting with him after work.

The two would just lie down on their beds and share their feelings before going to sleep.

3. Visiting Jungkook’s room to play

Jimin frequently goes to Jungkook‘s room to remind him to wash up before sleeping, or to not stay up too late.

4. Meeting his friends

Jimin really loves going out to meet his friends: he doesn’t like meeting a lot of people, so he makes sure to spend time with those people who he considers as his real friends.

5. Posting on the fancafe and reading the comments

Whenever Jimin posts on social media platforms, he doesn’t really read the comments that much. But when he posts on their fancafe, he makes sure to read all the comments posted there.

6. Gaming

Jimin says that even though he’s really bad at games, he still enjoys playing them.

Since his close friend is good at playing games, Jimin sometimes asks him to teach him.

7. Drinking alcohol

In the past, Jimin drank just to get rid off stress. He thinks that this was a bad habit, so now he just talks to the members whenever he feels down. Now, he just likes drinking different types of alcohol since he enjoys tasting them.

8. Shopping

Jimin likes shopping without planning beforehand so he doesn’t get stressed out when he’s not able to buy what he wanted to buy in the first place.

He also thinks it’s fun to buy cute things or simply to buy presents for someone, whenever he’s in the mood to shop.

9. Taking a trip

Since Jimin had only been in one trip before, he thinks it’s fun whenever he can travel with the people he loves.

10. Concerts

For Jimin, their concerts are always a big deal for him. It’s a part of his “happiness list” because he can see ARMYs and talk to them whenever they have concerts.

Having concerts is actually one of the things that help him relieve stress and just feel happy, so he still included it in his list.