BTS Jimin’s Black & White Fashion Will Make All The Other Colors Seem Pointless

His style is simple but wow.

BTS‘s Jimin has strong game when it comes to fashion. His outfits have been well praised by fans for being simple but trendy, casual but classy. And while Jimin looks amazing in all the colors of the rainbow, he often sticks to mix-and-matching black and white items. These easy-to-copy daily looks by Jimin are actually worthy of becoming a full-on look-book for those who need solid outfit inspirations!


1. Man-In-Black Jimin

Jimin’s #1 go-to look is actually this black-on-black styling. While it sounds easy to do, an all black outfit actually takes careful matching and styling – otherwise, it could end up being too dark to be trendy.


Jimin likes to mix in different textures when he wears all black outfits. His knitted sweater, the woven pants, the leather bag and shoes all come together in this beautifully coordinated “Man-in-Black” outfit!


And while Jimin is known to prefer dressy shoes, for sporty black-on-black outfits, he throws in sneakers or boots to complete the look more naturally.


Even for more formal occasions, black-on-black can’t go too wrong. Check out how Jimin styled a simple black tee with his all-black suit and it created a chic and easy semi-formal business look for meetings, events, and maybe even dates.


2. Black & White Jimin

When Jimin wants to add some brightness to his outfit, he often chooses to switch out his top with something white. Jimin always finds the perfect balance between black and white in these outfits, by keeping the ratio simple – one white item for one black item!


Jimin’s black-and-white outfits often come with a lot of accessories that are also black in color. Instead of going overboard with a range of colors, Jimin keeps his black & white outfits simply that; black and white.


Most of Jimin’s black-and-white outfits strike that perfect balance between casual and dressy. Jimin is rocking his casual black-and-white shirt and a hipster beanie here. And while this look could have gone very casual and even sporty, his dressier pants and shoes pull the look together wholesome and not too lazy!


And of course, Jimin is the king of this very classic black-and-white, dress shirts and dress pants with dress shoes combination. Note how clean cut he looks, with nothing too extra added in to the outfit. If all fails, this easy-breezy look should definitely do.


3. Slightly Colorful Jimin

Sometimes, Jimin goes wild – in his variations of black and white heavy fashion – and adds an eye-catching color that makes his outfit pop. And while black and white are colors that look good with all the others, mixing in with moderation is always a struggle. Nevertheless, Jimin knows exactly how to add that splash of fun.


Based on Jimin’s choices, denim is a good texture to add to an all black outfit. If a black-on-black outfit is feeling a little dim for a day out, try adding a denim shirt or even a denim jacket like Jimin did. It will definitely be a nice addition of color!


Jimin knows a simple black-on-black outfit could really save him time and effort in the winter. The thing is, however, black is often a good, formal color – so no matter how effortless the actual styling, the outfit will end up looking fashionable!


And in case there is a need to go a bit fancier, learn from Jimin and use the color red. Red on black is an easy and winning color combo, while being fancy and attention-grabbing too! Note how Jimin’s red-striped top brings all the focus to his face. He knows exactly where he wants our eyes!

Source: THEQOO