These 5 Moments Of BTS Jimin’s Dancing Totally Took Our Breath Away

Try not to gasp, swoon, or fall in love completely!

There are so many talented dancers in K-Pop, but there’s no doubt that BTS‘s Jimin has a unique quality like no other. From his leaps and bounds to his mesmerizing stage expressions, Jimin is constantly taking our breath away with his performance skills. Here are just five of his most incredible dance moments.

1. “Intro: Boy Meets Evil”

Let’s start off with one of Jimin’s most well-known performances. His 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards dance performance with J-Hope made everyone watching stop and stare in awe, but this specific moment completely blew our minds.

Despite being blindfolded, Jimin nailed this dance routine down to the smallest details. From the way he extends his arm to the way his body pops when the beat drops, this moment was absolute perfection.

2. “Serendipity”

Few dances are as beautiful as Jimin’s “Serendipity” performances during BTS’s Love Yourself Japan tour. The routine is just as dreamy and dazzling as the song itself, and that’s what made us fall in love with it.

The bubbles around Jimin hit the beat on every move, elevating the quality of the performance and making this moment even more gorgeous. Of course, as the main focus, Jimin himself is the most beautiful part of this whole scene.

3. “Fight of The Century”

At the 2014 MAMA, fans were treated to a special stage called “Fight of The Century”— a dance battle between BTS and Block B. The whole routine was incredible, but the moment when Jimin ripped his shirt off created this outstanding visual.

What makes the performance even better is that everything—including the ripping of the shirt—was executed exactly on beat, proving that Jimin is a born performer. Plus, his tattoo and abs are the cherry on the top of this whole moment.

4. “Perfect Man”

Sticking with Jimin removing his clothes, this moment from BTS’s iconic “Perfect Man” cover (originally by Shinhwa) left everyone breathless, including us. While Jimin was performing his solo verse and the song was transitioning to the chorus, he smoothly took his jacket off and threw it on the side.

All this happened while he was transitioning in his center position for the rest of the performance. There are a lot of details that made this moment enter our list, but the way he immediately snaps back into the dance is definitely one of the best parts.

5. “I NEED U”

When it comes to dance styles, Jimin’s contemporary skills are like no other—and that’s what made his solo dance performance of “I NEED U” at the 2019 Melon Music Awards so jaw-dropping. While the performance has many, many beautiful moments, it’s this one that made the list for many reasons.

From the swiftness of Jimin’s moves to the way he executes each of them with grace, there’s no denying this is breathtaking. The dark blue background contrasting with Jimin’s bright, white clothes and bare feet made this moment grab our hearts and refuse to let go.

Source: BTS Official Facebook (Featured Image)