4 Times BTS Jimin Showed Resemblance To His “Son” CHIMMY

Fans are surprised at how similar they are.

You may have heard of BT21, or seen these adorable characters from time to time. The 8 characters of BT21 were designed by BTS in collaboration with LINE FRIENDS. Maybe because of this, the characters all seem to hold some resemblance to BTS members themselves.

Out of these 8 characters, fans often find themselves surprised at just how similar Jimin and his creation CHIMMY are. Fans have even started referring to CHIMMY as Jimin’s son.

Here are 4 times that Jimin and CHIMMY showed their similarities!

1. Jimin and CHIMMY killing time at the airport by riding on a suitcase. While it may not be the safest thing to be doing, they sure look like they’re having some fun!

2. Jimin and CHIMMY having a drink. Look at those pouty lips and soft cheeks; CHIMMY definitely got those from his dad.

3. Jimin and CHIMMY playing with their hoodies. They’re like puppies that can make a toy out of anything!

4. And of course, Jimin and CHIMMY dancing. Seems like Jimin’s been teaching CHIMMY his moves!

Source: Polinews and Incheon Ilbo


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