5 Times BTS’s Jimin Was “Caught In A Lie” On Camera

One of the downsides of being in the public eye is that your fans will catch you every single time you fib.

Like the song says, BTS‘s Jimin has been “caught in a lie” on camera numerous times, but ARMYs don’t mind. In fact, each cute fib Jimin tells makes his fans love him even more!


1. When he said he can’t wink

Winking might not come naturally to him…

…but it can clearly be done!


2. When he said his “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” jacket flip was accidental

We believe him.

We really do.


3. When he told his fans not to expect to see abs in 2016



4. He told ARMY that he couldn’t sing in English…yet this English cover magically appeared!


5. When he pretended to be aegyo-free

Survey says, that was a lie!


6. BONUS: When the rest of BTS was caught lying.

10+ Times BTS Was “Caught In A Lie” On Camera