Here Are BTS Jimin’s Most Charismatic Song Intros, According To Koreans

From “Blood Sweat & Tears” to “Boy With Luv”.

BTS‘s Jimin is the group’s king of intros! He starts of the performance with his warm vocals and charismatic expressions.

It’s definitely hard to pick which he’s the best in, but netizens were able to narrow down the choices to four of BTS’s comebacks.

In no particular order, check out his best intros below!

1. Save Me

There’s something about Jimin that makes him grab people’s attentions right away.


In “Save Me”, he had a soulful solo choreography that reached the hearts of all viewers.

2. Blood Sweat & Tears

Jimin is the singer of the iconic opening line, “My blood, sweat, and tears”.


He was always full-on sexy and confident, making it one of his most iconic comebacks to date.

3. Boy With Luv

When it comes to boy next door concepts, Jimin is one of the best! He has a “boyfriend” image that perfectly complemented the theme of “Boy With Luv”.


With his sweet smile and aura, it’s no wonder fans couldn’t get enough of him in this era.

4. ON

Lastly, Jimin can also do hard and masculine concepts, and his performance in “ON” is proof of this. He set the mood the moment he sang, “I can’t understand what people are saying”.


King of openings? That’s Jimin!

Source: theqoo