Fans Are Loving BTS Jimin’s New Shorter Blonde Hairstyle With Bangs

What doesn’t look good on him anyway?!

BTS Jimin’s recent short blonde hairstyle has gained much attention online.

Jimin, who is known for having a round and pretty-shaped head, is able to pull off any hair style with ease.

But it is his shorter hairstyles with bangs that always has ARMYs hearts pounding!

The cut and color are just perfect on Jimin!

Even in the teaser for tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, you can see Jimin looking flawless with the hairstyle.

Jimin’s short hairstyle with earmuffs is cuteness x 1000!

Even in their recent live broadcast, Jimin looked adorable in his bright sweater and farmer hat!

The bright color clothing and hair totally lights up his face!

Even in their recent interview videos, Jimin continues to showcase his visuals.

Just look at how fluffy he looks!

Netizens that saw the photos just loved his hairstyle with bangs!

  • “I love everything on Jimin but this is my favorite style on him.”
  • “I love Jimin with bangs!”
  • “He looks so cute because he has a small head size.”
  • “He is just so adorable!”
  • He just gets cuter every day. His smiling face is the best!”

What hairstyle is your favorite on Jimin?

Source: theqoo