8 Times BTS’s Jimin Looked Like Everyone’s First Crush In A Classic Denim Jacket

#6 looked too good 🥺

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Jimin looks incredible no matter what he wears, but denim jackets suit him particularly well! On that note, check out 8 times the “Butter” singer looked amazing in denim below—plus take inspiration from the fashionable ways he styled them.

1. With Jewelry

A denim jacket is a closet staple, and Jimin knows it! Here, he accessorized it with silver drop earrings and a bejeweled necklace.

2. Buttoned Up

More often than not, denim jackets are worn open. Jimin, however, went against the norm and buttoned it all up for this photo. He looked amazing!

3. With A Cap

Jimin knew exactly what he was doing when he wore a turtleneck underneath his jacket and paired it with a black cap and mask.

4. With A White Shirt

But on days when he just wanted to keep things simple, he paired it with a classic white t-shirt.

5. With A Striped Shirt

For a bit of fun and variety, he wears black and white striped shirts too!

6. With A Green Bag

This green backpack complemented his color scheme and matched his casual vibe well.

7. With Shades

Here, Jimin put on a pair of tinted shades and donned a patterned cap. It was an adventurous look that suited him perfectly.

8. With A Beanie

Last but not the least, Jimin wore a navy beanie and a black shirt with his chic denim jacket.

BTS’s Jimin isn’t the only member who wears his clothes well! Check out how incredible maknae Jungkook looks in a white t-shirt here:

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