7 Times BTS’s Jimin Looked Too Fine For Words In A Chic And Classy Turtleneck Top

It isn’t every day you see him in an outfit like #5.

No matter what BTS‘s Jimin wears, he is undeniably handsome. But there’s just something about him wearing high neck tops that would make you stop in your tracks! They bring out his elegant and classy side—two features that he possesses in full.

With that in mind, here are 7 of his most lethal turtleneck outfits.

1. This Camel Coat

This shade never goes out of style, and with the black turtleneck below it, it looks especially timeless on the “Dynamite” singer!

2. This All-Black Suit

Next, this all-black outfit is the very definition of sleek and sexy.

3. This Dior Top

This dark green turtleneck from luxury brand Dior looks like it was made for him.

| @j.m/Instagram

4. This Plain Sweater

You can never go wrong with a plain sweater, and Jimin looks stunning in one!

5. This Leather Jacket

It isn’t every day that he wears a leather jacket, so when he does, it’s a treat for the eyes.

6. This Red-Orange Coat

This coat may have a fun pop of color, yet it still manages to make the K-Pop idol look incredibly sophisticated. He layered a black turtleneck underneath it.

7. This Vibrant Cardigan

Last but not the least, on days that aren’t too chilly but are definitely not warm, Jimin wears a cardigan. This one is extra special because it complements his hair!


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