10 Times BTS’s Jimin Was The Kind Of Friend That Everyone Needs

Jimin is the ultimate friend, and these touching moments prove it.

BTS‘s Jimin is kind, generous, supportive, loyal, and true. In short, he’s the friend everyone needs in their life. Here are just some of the many times he proved it!


1. When he comforted V on Bon Voyage

During Episode 6 of Bon Voyage 3Jimin helped V get through an emotional moment by hugging and gently rocking him. Throughout that night, he continued to stay close to V and take care of him.


2. When he asked everyone to support HOTSHOT’s Ha Sungwoon on Produce 101

“Please give lots of cheers and support for Sungwoon. He’s a brother who is really nice and sings very well. #JIMIN #HaSungwoon #Produce101Season2″

— BTS Jimin

Jimin also posted a screenshot of his attempt to vote for Ha Sungwoon during the finale, although the vote didn’t go through since he was in Japan at the time.


3. When he cheered on Ha Sungwoon’s solo debut

Jimin has been cheering on his friend every step of the way! On February 28, HOTSHOT‘s Ha Sungwoon dropped My Moment, his first solo mini album, and Jimin was quick to promote it.

BTS’s Jimin tweeted out a screencap of Ha Sung Woon’s “BIRD” MV, along with the caption, “I’ll support you on too, hyung. You’ve worked hard.”

“I’ll support you on too, hyung. You’ve worked hard.”

— Jimin


4. Every time he promoted his members’ solo debuts

Jimin is the ultimate BTS fan, and he proves it every time his members release solo music. He tweeted this lip sync cover to support V’s “Scenery”.


5. When he congratulated TXT on their debut

On March 4, TXT’s debut day, Jimin supported his label juniors with this heartfelt message.

“We will support you going forward as well
I sincerely congratulate you on your debut.

— Jimin


6. When he encouraged a friend who appeared on I Can Hear Your Voice

Jimin’s friend Kim Daehoon, a dance instructor, appeared on the February 22 episode of the singing competition show I Can Hear Your Voice. Jimin wished him all the best with these encouraging words:

“Kim Daehoon
Your first stage that you will show through a broadcast, I’ll cheer for you and look forward to it too! You can do it, Daehoon, fighting!”

— Jimin


“My friend is the famous, world-class, BTS Jimin,” Kim Daehoon told the cast. “When I said I’m going out on the show he personally cheered for me, took me out for food, and said he’d cheer for my first performance!”


7. When he fulfilled a special promise to V

Jimin once wrote a celebratory message on the wall at M Countdown. He wrote “BTS” in large letter and surrounded them with the names of the members, but he didn’t have enough time to write out V‘s name.

He promised to add V’s name in when he returned and, three months later, he fulfilled that promise!


8. Every time he looked out for the Golden Maknae

Jimin thinks of Jungkook as a true little brother, and he has gone out of his way to take care of him since the beginning. When BTS were in LA in 2014, Jimin put a protective arm out to keep Jungkook out of harm’s way.


9. When he became Jungkook’s real-life “Anpanman”

Last year, Jungkook injured himself just before BTS’s London concert. He was unable to dance and had to be seated. Not being able to perform was hard on him, but when Jimin saw that he needed support, Jimin came to his aid like a true superhero.


10. When he proved that his friendship is true and longlasting

In 2014, BTS appeared on the reality show American Hustle Life. At the time, Jimin developed a friendship with one of BTS’s coaches, Tony Jones.

In 2016, Tony Jones and BTS ran into each other at a restaurant, following KCON in LA. Jimin was just as thrilled to see his old friend then as he had been back in 2014!