10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Looked Like A Total Heartthrob In Glasses

#8 was absolutely breathtaking!

BTS‘s Jimin is incredibly handsome!

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

While Jimin always looks handsome, we especially love seeing him in glasses. Here are 10+ times Jimin served major looks in glasses!

1. When he proved purple hair and glasses make a great combo

This look will always be iconic!

2. Keeping it casual

He looks so handsome in his T-shirt, beanie, and glasses!

3. The time we all fell in love with this “Boy In Luv”

Round-framed glasses look so good on Jimin!

4. He’s a true style icon

This look was already great, but Jimin’s glasses took it over the top!

5. His glasses make his gorgeous side profile stand out even more

Jimin serves visuals from any angle!

6. Cutie, sexy, lovely indeed

We’ll never be over this look!

7. The ultimate boyfriend look

This sweater and glasses combo has us swooning!

8. Forever thinking about this Jimin

This look from the BE album was perfection!

9. He looks so comfy

Even when half his face is covered, Jimin is still handsome!

10. He looks so gorgeous here

We need more In the SOOP and more Glasses Jimin moments!

11. An oldie but a goodie

“Dope” Jimin was a cultural reset!