Anything That Comes Into BTS Jimin’s Hands Instantly Becomes Precious And Loved

Who wouldn’t want to be hugged by Jimin!

BTS’s Jimin is known as our precious baby mochi, not only for his adorable looks, but also for his genuine and warm heart.

He always expresses his gratitude and cherishes every moment with his members and fans. So much so that anything that comes into his presence becomes loved and adored by Jimin.


Anytime he receives flowers at an event or from a fan, he makes sure to hold it with care!

He is always seen cradling the flowers with both his hands, instantly making it the most cherished flowers in the world!


Jimin’s love for pets can be seen in a variety of different moments, as he holds them with the utmost care and affection!


You can see just how much he loves ARMYs as he holds the banners tightly across his chest.


Being a lover of food, you are bound to see Jimin holding some type of snack or food in his hands at any point in time!

| @parkjiminpics/Twitter


He also keeps his bags close to him for safe keeping!


You can see how much he adores children and younger fans as he pats them on the head.


Of course he needs to protect and love himself too!

His crouching position has become his signature pose!

Stuffed animals

Fans know how serious BTS are with their plushies and it’s no different for Jimin!

Look at how cute he looks with his plushies.

Netizens who saw this couldn’t help but smile at his cuteness!

  • “Our Jimin is so lovable.”
  • “He is so cute!”
  • “I want to carry him around in my pocket.”
  • “He hugs everything so softly.”

But honestly, who couldn’t love such a soft soul like Jimin!

Source: theqoo