5 Times BTS’s Jimin Tricked Jin Into Doing Whatever He Wanted

He’s a pro at trolling.

BTS‘s Jin is a master of mind games, but even he can fall for them! Here are 5 times Jin fell for Jimin‘s tricks!

Jimin and Jin

1. One, two, three…

On Day 1 of BTS’s Map of the Soul On:e photoshoot, Jin proposed “jumping” into Day 2 with Jimin. Jimin agreed to jump, but when the time came…

…he just walked away!

This. This is what betrayal looks like.

2. Canada’s favorite conman

In episode 71 of Run BTS!, BTS took a swim in Canadian waters. Jimin offered to test the water’s temperature for Jin, but it was all part of his dastardly plan!

To coax Jin into the water, Jimin told him it was warm…

…when, in fact, it was not.

Trusting Jimin, Jin dipped his feet in and realized he had been fooled. “He’s a really good liar,” Jin said.

3. And the award goes to…

In episode 50 of Run BTS!, BTS received awards for their performance on the show. Jin was over the moon when Presenter Jimin called his name. Jin gave Jimin the perfect reaction…

…for an award he didn’t win. “Jin!” Jimin called. “Please, bring Suga out.” Ouch!

4. Boo!

Slytherin Jimin once scared two fraidy-cats at the same time. He pointed at BTS’s beds, acting startled, to trick Jin and J-Hope into panicking! “What? What?” they wanted to know.

“I just thought the beds were pretty,” Jimin replied, grinning.

5. Smile for the camera!

Jin posed for Jimin, thinking that Jimin would snap his photo.

In reality, Jimin was taking a selfie!