20+ Times BTS’s “JiKook” Made Everyone Jealous Of Their Bond

These 20+ Jungkook and Jimin memories will make you wish you had better friends.

BTS‘s Jimin and Jungkook have a one of a kind friendship that fans just can’t get enough of. From their bickering to their most heartfelt moments these are just 20+ of the many “JiKook” memories that fans will never forget!


1. When they played around like little kids during rehearsals


2. When Jungkook made Jimin laugh by doing the splits


3. When Jimin brought cheer to Jungkook when he was injured on tour…


4. …and gave him this comforting hug at MAMA 2018.


5. Every time Jungkook called Jimin “Jimin-ssi”


6. When they danced together at the end of 2018 Gayo Daechukje


7. When Jungkook made ARMY’s day


8. When they sang to each other on stage


9. When Jungkook attempted to distract Jimin during a broadcast…


10. …and “attacked” him with boxing gloves


11. When they got silly in the practice rooms…


12. …many times!


13. When Jimin couldn’t help popping up during Jungkook’s speech


14. That time Jungkook may or may not have licked Jimin’s hand


15. When they made each other smile…


16. …during awards shows


17. When Jungkook blew on Jimin’s hair, because why not?


18. When they wore these complimentary outfits


19. When Jungkook imitated Jimin’s famous hair swoosh


20. When Jimin “drank” from this Jungkook cup


21. When time they acted up…


22…during fan meetings


23. And let’s not forget that time Jungkook helped Jimin with his tiara. Only a true friend would do that!