15+ Times BTS Jimin Was Literally, Literally… A Perfect Piece Of Art

He’s like a living, breathing masterpiece.

Jimin is famous for his beautiful contemporary dance moves, and sometimes they’re so graceful that he looks more like art than human. Here are 15+ times when Jimin literally took our breath away with his dancing.


1. That time Jimin became a bird.


2. When he tumbled across the stage so effortlessly.


3. Those perfect angles!


4. An angel from the sky.


5. A silhouette of perfection.


6. A gorgeous statue of every color combined.


7. Even before his debut he was astounding!


8. Spirit fingers!


9. A symbol of sexiness.


10. The literal definition of bringing sexy back.


11. We would be barfing from the dizziness, but not Jimin!


12. Just shedding a layer of perfection to reveal even more perfection!


13. The perfect scorpion.


14. A man born to dance and dance his life away!


15. Even inside a crowd, there’s something special about him!


16. Just an ethereal presence gifted upon us mere mortals on Earth!