6 Adorable BTS Jimin Moments From “Run BTS!” Featuring Baek Jong Won

We love our Jimin-sshi!

In the most recent episode of BTS’s Run BTS!, famous chef Baek Jong Won made a guest appearance to judge their cooking skills.

| Run BTS!

Jimin in particular, was very active during this competition and proved to be a true fan of Baek! Let’s take a look at some adorable moments from the show!

1. Flower-shaped fried egg

Jimin, who proudly presented their dish, had a mysterious fried egg on top of the ham. Baek, seeing this, felt that he would lose points because of this decoration! Jimin, on the other hand, tried to persuade him that it was a flower-shaped egg if you looked closely.

2. A proud baby

Here we can see Jimin looking proud and happy after hearing a compliment from Baek about his perfectly cooked ham. “Truthfully, although frying it is very important, I cooked it for about ten minutes longer in my case.”

3. He’s serious when it comes to battles

Jimin’s funny way of talking when competing against each other can be heard here.

Jimin: Don’t be curious!
RM: Why are you so feisty!
Jimin: This is a competition don’t look over here!

4. He receives Baek’s signature look

Baek, who is known for giving a signature look when a contestant does something unusual, was seen when Jimin was trying to preheat the air fryer.

5. A true fan

This scene proves Jimin is a true fan of Baek as he knew the exact two reasons for Baek’s laughter when eating! The only two reasons are either 1.) It’s good or 2.) It tastes really bad.

6. His adorable scrunched-up face

Look at how cute he looks as he patiently waits to hear the results of who will be the winning team. He looks serious because the prize is a custom-made knife by Baek!

Jimin is always bringing the fun to the table and we love to see it!

Source: theqoo