17 Times BTS’s Jimin Proved That He’s Total Boyfriend Material

He lives and breathes it.

Let’s get something straight right away: This list could be about ten times longer and still not even begin to cover the ways that BTS‘s Jimin has proved his status as perfect boyfriend material.


For the sake of brevity, however, we had to limit it to some degree. And so, here are just 17 of a million reasons why this beautiful, elegant, sweet, lovely man would be the perfect partner!

1. Having him serenade you like this would be absolute Heaven.

2. Imagine going on an amazing oceanic journey with him.


3. There’s nothing about this look that doesn’t scream boyfriend material.

4. Really, traveling anywhere with him would be incredible.

5. Everything about him is just perfection in a partner.

6. Is there anything superior to bare-faced and casually dressed Jimin?

7. Anyone would be blessed to receive these selcas at night.

8. Jimin + Cute Puppies = Perfection.

9. Is he ever NOT proving he’s boyfriend material?

10. Imagine waking up to this smile every day.

11. He looks sooo soft and cuddly 🥺

12. He’s the perfect combination of sexy and silly.

13. It’s easy to imagine him constantly showering you with flowers.

14. Of course, we could talk forever about how beautiful he is when he dances.

15. Grocery shopping would be anything but boring with this cutie!

16. Every day would be beautiful hearing his voice.

17. Honestly this list could be endless, so here’s a compilation of his perfection to finish it off!