10 Times BTS’s Jimin Reminded Everyone How Strong He Is

Mochi’s muscles are no joke.

BTS‘s Jimin is so sweet and cuddly that it’s easy to forget how much strength lies beneath his aegyo. Here are 10 times he showed his “Muscle Mochi” side!

1. When he tried to end Jin’s sabotage by carrying him away

2. When he Taekwondo-kicked boards in mid-air

3. Every time he did this move in “Blood, Sweat & Tears”

4. When he nailed this flip for “Bulletproof Pt. 2″…

5. …and powered through this solo performance

6. When he did pullups at the gym

7. When he piggybacked Jungkook while singing “Serendipity”

8. When he made sitting on air look easy

| @BigHit Entertainment

9. When his coordination and sheer core strength wowed the crowd

10. When “JiBooty” crushed these chopsticks


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