10 Jimin And RM “MiniMoni” Moments That Softened Our Hearts

These adorable interactions will make you want to hug your BFF.

BTS‘s Jimin and RM dropped a new selfie that’s reminding fans of other heart-softening “MiniMoni” moments, like these ones!


1. When they renamed themselves “MiniMoni”


2. When Jimin was too short to complete RM’s heart


3. Every time Jimin copied RM in “tiny font”


4. When RM said that Jimin is as cute as a bubble


5. When Jimin rolled onto the floor instead of stretching his legs out on RM


6. When Jimin said, “let me hug you”


7. …and RM suggested a kiss instead


8. When Jimin told RM what he already knows


9. When they made this “Promise” together


10. Every time they took selfies in matching outfits