9 Times Jimin Showed His Savage Streak When BTS Least Expected It

Jimin is sweet and lovable…but he can also be sassy AF.

BTS‘s Jimin is the sweetest mochi around, but even he has a savage streak. Here are 9 times he showed it to his unsuspecting members!


1. When he made zero effort to throw Jin this water bottle


2. When he kicked the flower J-Hope was trying to protect


3. When he imitated the way V said “purple heart”


4. When he actually dared to show the King of Savagery some sass


5. During an interview, BTS were asked, “where do you go to get peace and quiet?”. Jimin replied, “I go to the place without Jin.”


6. That time V was getting mouthy on stage, so Jimin made fun of his accent


7. When he ruined this fan arrangement at ISAC


8. Every time he gave the members attitude on Run BTS


9. When he made an “ugly edition” Bangtan Bomb that starred all his members, except Jungkook