BTS Jimin’s Shirt Button Is Causing Mayhem And Saving Lives

“Thank you for your sacrifice.”

BTS‘s style team knew exactly what they were doing when they chose the stage costumes for PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. At this online concert, Jimin stunned fans with his “Black Swan” look.


One button was all that stood between life and death for stans. Here are 10 ARMYs who are thanking (and cursing) the button for doing its job so well!

| @Gojos_wife/Twitter

1. The strongest soldier

2. We survived. Barely…

3. It gave its all!

4. Thank you for your sacrifice

5. It basically saved the world

6. The accuracy…

7. Same, ARMY, same…

8. Please help us, stylists!

9. It’s an inspiration

10. Facts only:

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