10+ Times BTS’s Jimin Made Us Fall For His Shy Side

Consider this your new “try not to awww” challenge.

BTS‘s Jimin is cool and charismatic on stage, but he also has a shy side that fans can’t help falling in love with. Here are just 10+ of his many UWU-worthy shy moments!


1. “In English, bro?”

When RM asked Jimin to repeat himself in English on iHeartRadio Live, Jimin’s shy side immediately jumped out.


The struggle is real!


2. “ARMYs are inside my heart”

As soon as these cheesy words left his lips, Jimin lost his cool, thanks to his members.


3. That time he wanted to hide under a rock on TV

When a fellow panelist suggested that a King of Masked Singer contestant might be SHINee‘s Taemin, Jimin shot the idea down. He insisted that the contestant couldn’t be Taemin because Taemin is a much better dancer.


Jimin said this out of love for Taemin, but he quickly realized that he may have unintentionally insulted whoever was behind the mask!


Realizing his mistake, Jimin began to pray that the mystery performer wasn’t a senior, but, naturally, it was none other than MBLAQ‘s Thunder.


Jimin couldn’t have been more shocked. He hid his face…


…and crouched down…


…while probably wishing he could disappear!

4. When he bashfully gave Suga this gift

Will he like it? Will he hate it? Will he love it? We’ve all been there!


5. When he hit Jin because he couldn’t handle ARMY’s compliments


6. This “Promise” spoiler

Jimin’s members weren’t about to stay quiet when they caught him dropping hints about his song, “Promise”. Jimin’s shy reaction is too cute for words!


7. When Stylist Jin decorated him with a lily pad


8. Speaking of hair-wear, this headband was just too much for Jimin


9. That time he became a puddle of aegyo during a badass rap song


10. When his co-MCs were being embarrassingly cute


11. When a photographer said, “I love your smile”