BTS Jimin’s Signature Crouching Pose Proves He’s Just Our Precious Baby Mochi

We love our baby mochi!

Fans of BTS’s Jimin might have noticed that there are many times he is seen crouching down in videos and photos. This little habit has become somewhat of a signature pose for Jimin now!

He can be seen crouching down to check himself in the mirror…

…and when he’s excited about receiving socks as a gift.

He likes to stay in his position even when receiving a bottle of water…

…and when he’s eating yummy food in the great outdoors!

He even took photos in this pose for their 2021 Winter Package photo shoot too!

He even likes to crouch down to be eye-level when befriending a chicken…

…or a cat!

He loves to look at ARMY on stage while crouching down too.

He even gets touched by ARMYs lightstick wave event while crouching down!

And it looks like he’s been doing this pose for quite some time now!

| capture from @cold2127/Twitter

But what’s shocking is that the moment he stands up he suddenly has legs for days with amazing proportions!

Either way, we love our Mochi’s duality, and we hope he stays this way!

Source: theqoo