BTS’s Jimin Reveals The Simple Words That Suga Said When Telling Him To Be The Project Manager For “BE”

Suga didn’t even look at Jimin when he said these words!

In BTS‘s recently released album BE, Jimin was the project manager. Jimin’s role was to gather the opinions of the members, organize them, and send them to their agency (Big Hit Entertainment).

BTS’s Jimin

The person who suggested this role to Jimin was Suga!

BTS’s Suga

In their BE-hind Story video for BE, Jimin revealed that Suga only said a few words to him when suggesting the role of the project manager, as Suga told him, “You do it“. Not only that, but Suga also said these words without even making eye contact with Jimin!


Suga also told Jimin, “Use this opportunity to listen to some music“. After Jimin revealed all of this, the members laughed.


Suga then stated that he wanted Jimin to be in charge of a lot of stuff in BE and wanted him to participate a lot musically.


The members then all thanked Jimin for the hard work he did as the project manager.


Here’s the full video below!